About Us


club history

Kivulini sports club is located in makongeni Thika. It is full of activities where people go to relax and participate in various activities like football, gym and leisure. Members are required to register to access the facilities offered by the club. The numbers of the members registering with the club is expected to increase tremendously within the coming years. These activities are divided into indoors and outdoors games. The indoor games are table tennis, badminton, sauna room and gym. The outdoor games are swimming, golf and football.
             Kivulini sports club operates on a mission to satisfy every member’s need and its vision is to be the best sports club in the county. It alsohas a small cafeteria where the members can eat, drink and also coming up with full furnished apartments where member can sleep while enjoy the club’s activities. The facilities offered requires that you pay small fee for maintenance and renovation purposes.
            it is understood that they use computerizedsystem, it is also noted that once a member wants to join, he or she is provided with a booklet where they still have to fill in their details. Since every member has the same booklet anyone can access the booklet and see your details, which is not secured. After the member fills the booklet the employees are left filling the details in the computer hence they are overworking. Using a lot of efforts and time to do certain activities due to the long processes they go through in carrying out these activities. Loss of data and privacy limitations within the club is some of the other issues which are experienced. Information is easily lost or misplaced because it is handled by many people.
The management has proposed some development of a better computerized system for the club that will be used in carrying out most of the management activities.

our vision

To be the leading sports club in the country.


To provide our members with excellent and varied sporting facilities in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.