Kivulini area enjoys beautiful warm weather all year round thus one can swim anytime of the year. Available is a  spacious swimming pool for you and your family, inclusive of the very young ones in the baby pool. You won’t need the beach with such a warm pool and you can  picnic by the poolside after the swim.

Family events are best hosted on the pool side for example children’s birthdays, wedding and graduation parties and other types of receptions.


After  work every day, if you wish to play an  indoor game that will leave you well exercised the club has  a good squash court.  You can book a game  any time in the day by calling the captain on 0722 697751.


The tennis courts carry the heritage of the club. The first two courts  date back to 1925, you will be playing on the same courts  the club fathers played in. Two more courts are available to ensure maximum accommodation. You won’t miss space. Our wonderful instructor will propel your children to Olympic level.


The gym facility is open for all, equipped fully for your choice of stretch and weights. Aerobics classes are available and provide entertainment as well as exercise. You should have been here yesterday.

Steam&Sauna rooms create very good respiratory conditions with the humidity level at 100%. People with coughs and lung problems sometimes use a steam room to soothe their respiratory systems. Steam rooms are also more hydrating for your skin .


The Club has  modern accommodation facilities.This is the king style accommodation you get at the club. Please call 0722 657 751  or email to info@kivulini.com or for reservations.

Sports and Entertainment facilities

The club provides a number of social and sporting facilities


If you want to play golf on an (18) eighteen hole course anywhere close to Embu or kitui county,  Matendeni Sports Club is  the place to be. The course is adorned with a great mix of indigenous trees and rare birds,  away from the dust and smoke of  town. You open your lungs to the breeze of fresh air along well irrigated fairways. Your swing will be amazing here.